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Dahlias Recently Added to Our Collection

We added 17 new dahlias to our offering for 2017. Many are new introductions and many are established dahlias new to us.The following are the new ones we felt performed best and were most attractive. Included here are three that won American Dahlia Society silver medals in nes dahlia evaluations across the country. Scroll down to see more.
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Dark Sider - ADS Medal Winner
B Cactus Dark Red
$ 18.00
KA's Cloud - ADS Double Medal Winner
A Informal Decorative White New 2015 ADS Multiple Medal Winner
$ 25.00
BB Informal Decorative Yellow - NEW 2015
$ 12.00
AC Ben
AA Semi-Cactus LB Orange & Yellow
$ 10.50
Camano Crash
B Incurved Cactus Red
$ 9.00
ADS Centennial
B Informal Decorative Orange
$ 7.00
Camano Mordar
Ball Dark Pink & Pink
$ 8.00
Clearview Citron
BB Incurved Cactus Yellow
$ 8.50
Cobequid Celestial Star
Orchid Yellow
$ 8.00
Dikara Jodi
B FD Light Blend Yellow & Pink
$ 8.50
Hapet Perfekt
B Laciniated Yellow & Pink
$ 10.50
Harvey Koop
A Informal Decorative Variegated Dark Red & Yellow
$ 12.00
Hart's Blood Red
A Formal Decorative Dark Red
$ 12.00
Hollyhill Augustina
B Incurved Cactus Dark Pink & Yellow
$ 8.50
Hollyhill Geisha
Miniature Cactus Pink
$ 8.00
Hollyhill Pink Martini
Waterlily Dark Pink and White
$ 8.50
Mignon Single Dark Pink & White
$ 7.00
Sandia Sunbonnet
Anemone Yellow
$ 8.00
Sunset Delight
Miniature Semi-Cactus Red
$ 7.00