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We ship your dahlias as live rooted cuttings ready for the garden or for pots.  We lead the way in providing dahlias that are easier to grow and enjoy! Click to learn how we produce your dahlias. Welcome to Corralitos Gardens - Your 21st Century Dahlia Source - We ship live, rooted cuttings, ready for the garden or pots!
Dahlias of All Types - Show, Garden, and Cut Flowers

Please Note - We are booked to capacity for 2015 plant shipments. All that can be ordered at this time are Dahlia Seeds. Thank you to our great customers! If you missed this season's order window scroll down to join our mailing list for notification of next season's order season.

For local customers we have a good supply of plants in 4 inch pots ready for the garden. They are available in "Collections" of 10 for $50 - varieties are subject to stock on hand. All are great varieties and vigorous plants. Call to schedule a visit - (831) 596-0323.

Read on to learn what is new for 2015 or click here to access our Catalog .

Three New Medal Winning Dahlias and 30 More Additions to Our Collection

Dark Sider. Click to learn more.
KA's Cloud - Click to learn more. 2014 was a great year and we have lots of new dahlias to offer for next season. In addition to three American Dahlia Society 2014 Medal Winners, we have added to our exclusive new line of Micro dahlias from Bill McClaren, that will be sure to set new standards in dahlia shows everywhere.

These are two of our favorites from last season that we have added - to the left is Dark Sider - winner of the ADS Lyn B Dudley Medal and on the right is KA's Cloud, which won both the Lynn Dudley and Darrell Hart Medals. Rounding out our medal winning group shown below is Olivia Maureen, which also won the Lynn Dudley Medal. Learn more about each by clicking onto their images.

We also added over 30 more dahlias to our collection that we think are excellent either as show or cut flower dahlias. All of our new dahlias are linked below which is a great place to start shopping. As always, if you have questions feel free to call or email.

It is time to start thinking about ordering cut dahlias for your special events next summer. Look at our new page Wedding Dahlias to learn more.

Gift Certificates mailed directly to the recipient with a card or to you to give yourself are available by clicking here.

Olivia Maureen -ADS Medal Winner.Click to learn more.

Dahlias as they are packed and ready to ship. They are well rooted and ready to be planted.  Click to learn more.
Why Cuttings?
Our goal is to make growing dahlias as convenient as possible for you. Your dahlias are shipped as live plants ready for the garden or pots. There is no waiting for dormant tubers to sprout.
Dahlias from cuttings generally bloom earlier than tubers and they produce new tubers for the following season.
Click to learn how we ship and how to plant. Click to see how we ship and how to plant

Cuttings are handled differently than tubers. You select your date and when they arrive plant them immediately into pots or the garden. They need water, light, nutrients, and protection from cold. The first 7-10 days they require a little daily attention but the rewards are tremendous: uniform growth, earlier blooms and no waiting to see if a tuber will sprout.
Click pictures to learn more about how they are shipped and how to get them started in your garden.
Dahlia roots from cuttings after the first season.
Text & images are the protected property of Corralitos Gardens and Lee-Carraher Photography. Dahlia Societies may use our images and text for Society events with proper accreditation.
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New Dahlias for 2015
Dahlia Collections
Good Dahlias for Cut Flower Production
Giant and Large Dahlias - Blooms 0ver 8" - Includes All AA & A Size
Medium Size Dahlias - Blooms 6"- 8" - Includes All B Size
Small Dahlias - Blooms 4"- 6" - Includes BB Size, Stellar, & Some Balls and Novelties
Waterlily Dahlias
Low Growing Dahlias - 2.5' or less in height. Do not require staking.
Dark Foliage Dahlias
Gift Certificates
Miniature Dahlias - Blooms 2" - 4" - Includes Balls, Pompons, and Other Fully Doubles in This Size Range
Ball, Miniature Ball, & Pompon Dahlias
Open Centered Dahlias
Dahlia Seeds
Dahlias Bred and Developed By Corralitos Gardens


Additions to our Catalog for 2015
Click on the pictures to enlarge

2015 Medal Collection
2015 Medal Winning Dahlias
$ 55.00
Dark Sider - ADS Medal Winner
B Cactus Dark Red New 2015
$ 18.00
KA's Cloud - ADS Double Medal Winner
A Informal Decorative White New 2015 ADS Multiple Medal Winner
$ 30.00
Olivia Maureen - ADS Medal Winner
BB Laciniated White New 2015 - ADS Medal Winner
$ 18.00
BB Informal Decorative Yellow - NEW 2015
$ 12.00
Cafe au Lait
B Informal Decorative Pink
$ 15.00
Alberta Sunset
Stellar Red w/ Flame Reverse
$ 9.00
AC Abby
B Cactus Flame Blend
$ 9.00
Avoca Amanda
B Formal Decorative Pink
$ 9.75
Bloomquist Barbara
BB Formal Decorative Yellow
$ 10.00
Camano Pet
Stellar Yellow & Orange
$ 9.00
Camano Sunshine
B Informal Decorative Yellow
$ 10.00
Clearview Lily
B Semi-Cactus Dark Pink & Yellow
$ 8.00
Clearview Louise
B Semi-Cactus Yellow and Pink
$ 8.00
Clearview Misty
B Informal Decorative White
$ 12.00
Geerling's Perfection
BB Cactus Yellow
$ 9.00
Gilwood Terry G
BB Semi-Cactus Yellow
$ 8.00
Hillcrest Candy
B Semi-Cactus Pink & White
$ 9.00
Hollyhill Margarita
B Incurved Cactus - Dark Pink
$ 10.00
Irish Pinwheel
Stellar Flame Blend
$ 9.00
Lady Nathalie
B Informal Decorative White
$ 10.00
BB Formal Decorative Dark Pink
$ 8.00
NTAC Patricia
B Cactus Pink & White
$ 10.00
Oreti Duke
Pompon Purple
$ 8.00
Parkland Rave
BB Incurved Cactus Lavender
$ 10.00
Robann Pristine
Miniature Formal Decorative White
$ 9.75
Summer Beauty
A Informal Decorative Orange
$ 11.75
U2 Addy
Mignon Single Dark Pink
$ 8.00
U2 Fire
Collarette Dark Blend
$ 8.00
U2 Snow
Mignon Single White
$ 8.00
U2 Will
Mignon Single Purple
$ 8.00
Chimacum Troy
Miniature Ball Purple
$ 6.00
Hollyhill Renoir
BB Incurved Cactus Purple
$ 9.00
Just Married
B Laciniated Light Blend Pink & Yellow
$ 6.75